Easily find out how many paving slabs you need with our slab calculator

Want to know how many paving slabs your project requires?

We will show you how to use our paving calculator to find how many of your selected-sized paving slabs you need.

The Frank Key paving calculator will help you calculate how many slabs you need for your selected area. The calculator will also tell you the m2 of your patio area based on the length and width of your patio.

Firstly you need to measure the length and width of the planned patio area and then input that into the paving calculator to get a total square meter of the patio you plan to build.

If your patio doesn't have a square shape then it might be harder to calculate. If your patio is an L-shape then you can split it into 2 squares and measure each section separately to get a total.

Once we have entered your patio dimensions, enter the size of the pavers you plan to use and then press "Calculate". The calculator will then output your patio square meter and the required pavers.

Please take a look at our paving calculator here

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Now you have all the information to get the materials you need for your paving project.