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25 Oct How to Revive an Old Wooden Worktop
Robbie 0 1244
With Christmas fast approaching, it's a great time to ensure your kitchen space is in order. Even if there's no upcoming occasion, it's worthwhile sorting out your kitchen surfaces.Why Choose a Wooden Worktop?Many people..
09 Aug How to use a Block Splitter
Robbie 0 1298
This video will show you how to use a block splitter to split blocks, bricks or clay pavers. This block splitter is very user-friendly and is perfect for big block paving jobs. The handle on one side allows the heavy blo..
21 Jun How to Revive Your Decking This Summer
Robbie 0 1185
After years of neglect, decking will start to fade as dirt and moss builds up, causing a green, dirty look that overshadows the natural texture of your wood.If you're wondering: "how can I restore my decking?" this video..
14 Jun How to Mow Your Lawn Like a PRO
Robbie 0 1633
In this video/ blog, I'll show you how to mow your lawn like a pro, including plenty of tips and tricks to make the job easier.Why Is It Important to Know How To Mow Your Lawn Correctly? Mowing your lawn is an overlooked..
30 May Why Your Lawn Needs to be Scarified
Robbie 0 1621
MAKITA UV3600 ELECTRIC LAWN SCARIFIER 1800W 240V is a useful tool used to pull thatch out of your lawn to allow for better airflow to the soil, making your grass grow healthier.Why does your lawn need to be Scarified?Sca..
05 Apr How to Use Strimmers Like a Pro
Robbie 0 1820
How To Use Electric Strimmers by Frank Key Tool Hire:This video features a STIHL cordless electric strim trimmer that is great for touching up lawns to get a professional finish in your garden.These are ideal for cutting..
04 Apr How to Trim Your Hedges
Robbie 0 807
In this video/blog, I will be explaining how to trim hedges with also some tips on how to use the STIHL electric cordless trimmers to trim your hedges.Now that summer is right around the corner make sure your garden is l..
22 Mar How to use a STIHL Hedge Trimmer
Robbie 0 856
As we come towards spring and summer, most people are thinking about starting to get their gardens in order in preparation for spending time in your garden.Make sure you subscribe to catch our videos as they come out:htt..
10 Mar How to Use a Rotavator
Robbie 0 1063
In this video, we will show you how to operate one of Frank Key Tool Hires Rotavators (Garden Tillers).These are great for preparing your land for seeding or turf laying....
28 Feb New Frank Key Tool Hire Dehumidifiers Youtube Video
Robbie 0 927
New Dehumidifiers YouTube Video!Check out our new Dehumidifiers YouTube Video that is now live on The Plant & Toll Hire Youtube channel. This video features 3 different products offered at Frank Key Tool Hire, including ..
14 Feb New YouTube Video (How to Heat up Your Garage, Workshop or Warehouse)
Robbie 0 1343
In this video, we will showcase some of the heaters we have for hire at Frank Key Plant & Tool Hire. The options we discuss are some of our products that are suitable for heating up a garage, warehouse or rooms with poor..
04 Oct How to use the Plant & Tool Hire system on the website
Robbie 0 1104
Do you want to know how you can hire tools and plant equipment online?In our new Frank Key tool hire video, we show you how to use the new online hire system. We also show what you need to do if:you want to collect your ..
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