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Brand: British Gypsum Part Code: KE PL TBF 25
Thistle BoardFinish is an ideal skim finish plaster for use on plasterboards. This finish coat plaster is suitable for low to medium suction backgrounds, especially plasterboard or Thistle DriCoat undercoat plaster. Thistle Board FinishOverview..
Brand: British Gypsum Part Code: KE PL TBO 25
A versatile undercoat plaster that can be used on a variety of backgrounds. Thistle BondingCoat is an ideal base coat plaster for smooth or low suction backgrounds such as tiling, concrete, plasterboard or surfaces treated with PVA. The fine mix allows for improved workability, making it easier to s..
Brand: British Gypsum Part Code: KE PL THW 25
An undercoat plaster with high impact resistance. Thistle HardWall is a quick drying undercoat plaster suitable for use on most masonry backgrounds such as bricks, medium-density and aircrete blocks. Thistle HardWall can be hand or spray applied and is ideal for use in a 2-coat plaster system. Thist..
Brand: British Gypsum Part Code: KE PL TMF 25
British Gypsum Thistle Multi-Finish is a versatile finishing plaster for use on common backgrounds including undercoat plasters and plasterboard.Thistle Multi-Finish is the most popular universal skim finish plaster for common backgrounds; it can be used as part of a two-coat plaster system or on pl..
Part Code: PL CT
The GTEC flexible tape-on corner ensures straight, strong corners at any angle on drop ceilings, around bay windows and in a variety of other applications.Overview..
Part Code: PL GAB
1200x850x12.5mm Aqua board is a water resistant plasterboard for kitchens, bathrooms and shower rooms and can also be used in extremely humid environments such as spas and swimming pools. It can be painted or directly tiled.Overview..
Brand: Siniat Part Code: KE PL TB
GTEC Base Board is a lightweight 4ft long plasterboard used as a base for skim finishing.GTEC Baseboard 1220 x 900 x 9.5mmBenefits:Handy size is easy to transport and installSquare edge suitable for skim plasteringIdeal for ceilings in renovation projectsApplication:Ideal for ceilings in renovation ..
Part Code: PL C A
Formulated to provide good adhesion when used with GTEC Cove 90 and GTEC Cove 120Features:45 min working timeDries whiteEasy to mixQuick and easy applicationExcellent adhesion to plasterboard surfacesOverview..
Part Code: PL WSR 24X12X15T
The GTEC DB Board is a plasterboard with superior acoustic performance suitable for installation with stud partitions, lining systems and ceilings.Features:Can cut out noise up using a single layer of 15mm each side of a partition system30 minutes of fire resistance can be achieved with a single lay..
Part Code: PL WSR 24X12X12T
Providing remarkable acoustic performance, this GTEC dB board with tapered edge is suitable for stud partitions, wall lining and ceilings.BenefitsSuperior acoustic performance providing up to 49db sound insulationMeets and exceeds Part E Building Regulations (Acoustic)Suitable for stud partitions, l..
Part Code: PL GFL
GTEC Fire Board is a plasterboard which provides superior fire resistance for stud partitions, wall lining and ceiling systems. Achieve 60 minutes fire resistance from a 15mm single layer partition system. It complies with BS1230 Type 5 and BS EN 520 Types D and F.Benefits60 minutes fire resistance ..
Part Code: PL GFL 12
This GTEC fire board is suitable for stud partitions, wall lining and ceiling systems.BenefitsSuitable for stud partitions, lining systems and ceiling systemsComplies with BS1230 Type 5 and BS EN 520 Types D and F.Overview..
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