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Many people want to get their hands dirty and look to save a few pennies. With the majority of jobs costing more in labour than in materials, why not have a go and save some cash

15 Apr How To Build a Garden Bar: Episode 2 – Constructing The Platform
George 0 23
Why You Should Have a PlatformHaving a garden bar is one thing; you get to make and serve drinks in the comfort of your own garden but what use is that if you’ve got nowhere to sit back and relax with your drink? This is..
15 Apr How To Build an Outdoor Man Cave: Episode 2 - Laying The Foundations
Robbie 0 32
Things to consider before startingThe first step to the construction process is to ensure that the area is as clear and as flat as possible, if there is a major ground-level change consider digging into the ground or add..
08 Apr How to Build an Outdoor Man Cave: Episode 1 - Materials
Robbie 0 128
Why You need a mancaveAn outdoor man cave is a great option for anyone who wants their own isolated space to do the things they want while being able to be as loud as they want without disturbing anyone else in the house..
08 Apr How To Build a Garden Bar: Episode 1 - What Materials You Will Need
George 0 63
Why You Need a Garden BarWith summer fast approaching, the use of your garden will gradually increase, whether that’s for relaxing by yourself or for having a few friends over for a BBQ. It’s the perfect time to prepare ..
25 Feb Frank Key Brick Slip Cutting
Robbie 0 285
Do you want a quick and easy way to cover a surface in bricks?Frank Key brick slip cutting surfaces offer a service to allow a customer to get bricks of their choice cut down into thinner slices so you can cover a wall o..
22 Dec The common types of bricks and their benefits
Robbie 0 408
Are you looking for the right type of brick for your building project then this blog will help detail the types of bricks are more suitable for your project?This blog will detail some of the types of bricks and what they..
16 Aug How to fix a leaky tap
Zak 0 909
A leaky tap might seem like an insignificant problem, certainly not one worth calling a plumber out for. But aside from creating an irritating sound, it can also be symptomatic of several issues which, if left unchecked,..
15 Aug How to lay laminate floorboards
Zak 0 1107
Choosing to use laminate floors in your home can give a beautiful finish to a room. With many benefits such as their resistance to scratches, spills and the occasional muddy boots, laminate remains a popular choice among..
15 Aug How to attach a shelf to a wall
Zak 0 1100
Putting up a shelf is a great way to optimise your space. It can give you somewhere for additional storage or to display items, without impacting on your floor space. And, on the surface, it’s a pretty easy task to compl..
15 Aug How to prevent frozen pipes in winter
Zak 0 1106
Last winter the ‘Siberian Blast’ caught many homes unprepared for the big drop in temperatures right across the UK. As a result, homeowners experienced pipe freezes that resulted in millions of pounds worth of damage. Th..
14 Aug How to wallpaper a room
Zak 0 765
A well-papered wall creates a stylish finish to a room and with so many patterns available is a great way to stamp your own personal style to your home decor. However, papering can be a tricky prospect and one which may ..
08 Aug How to unblock a sink
George 0 832
A blocked sink is a common and often unpleasant problem. But the good news is, it's an easier problem to fix than you might think. There are a number of methods for unblocking your sink, depending on the severity of the ..
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