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Many people want to get their hands dirty and look to save a few pennies. With the majority of jobs costing more in labour than in materials, why not have a go and save some cash

04 Jun How To Build an Outdoor Man Cave: Episode 6 - Fitting The Windows & Doors
Robbie 0 1145
When you are building your mancave you must ensure you have enough natural lighting to brighten up the inside to make it look more like a room than a cave. This is as important for the insulation of your building as the ..
26 May How To Build an Outdoor Man Cave: Episode 5 - Building The Roof
Robbie 0 1472
Building the roof of your man cave is an important step to ensuring that the building is watertight and also that it keeps warm in the winter and cool in the summer. This is because the roof is responsible for a large am..
20 May How To Build an Outdoor Man Cave: Episode 4 - Building The Walls
Robbie 0 1302
When building the walls to your mancave it is important to keep the design of your roof in mind. Depending on the style of roof your going for you will need a different design for walls to ensure that they both fit toget..
13 May How To Build a Garden Bar: Episode 6 - Finishing Touches
George 0 696
In Episode 6 of “How to build an outdoor garden bar”, we’ll be showing you how to decorate your bar now that the structure is fully complete. If you’ve not got a complete structure yet, please visit the previous episode ..
06 May How To Build a Garden Bar: Episode 5 - Installing the Bar
George 0 687
If you’ve reached this episode, you should now be up to a stage where your bar area is starting to look a bit more like a bar; with a platform, wall & roof (of a shed) and some decking with a barrier around it. This epis..
29 Apr How To Build an Outdoor Man Cave: Episode 3 - Building The Timber Floor
Robbie 0 1120
The timber floor is the second most important step to get right because if the structure is not securely mounted to the foundations then this will cause major problems. Also if the floor is not level then you will very b..
29 Apr How To Build a Garden Bar: Episode 4 - Building the Decking
George 0 595
If you read Episode 3, you should have successfully constructed a platform, with a bar area with a wall and roof. This Episode guide will teach you how to assemble the decking for your garden bar and platform.Measure You..
22 Apr How To Build a Garden Bar: Episode 3 – The Walls & Roof
George 0 464
By now, you should now have assembled the platform for your garden bar, with space for a nice little seating area in front of the bar as well as the shed. In this guide, we will be converting a shed into a garden bar; ho..
15 Apr How To Build a Garden Bar: Episode 2 – Constructing The Platform
George 0 542
Why You Should Have a PlatformHaving a garden bar is one thing; you get to make and serve drinks in the comfort of your own garden but what use is that if you’ve got nowhere to sit back and relax with your drink? This is..
15 Apr How To Build an Outdoor Man Cave: Episode 2 - Laying The Foundations
Robbie 0 970
Things to consider before startingThe first step to the construction process is to ensure that the area is as clear and as flat as possible, if there is a major ground-level change consider digging into the ground or add..
08 Apr How to Build an Outdoor Man Cave: Episode 1 - Materials
Robbie 0 1143
Why You need a mancaveAn outdoor man cave is a great option for anyone who wants their own isolated space to do the things they want while being able to be as loud as they want without disturbing anyone else in the house..
08 Apr How To Build a Garden Bar: Episode 1 - What Materials You Will Need
George 0 507
Why You Need a Garden BarWith summer fast approaching, the use of your garden will gradually increase, whether that’s for relaxing by yourself or for having a few friends over for a BBQ. It’s the perfect time to prepare ..
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