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Roof Felt

Brand: IKO Part Code: RF F UTO
Ruberoid 2mm Glass Universal Torch-On UnderlayTorch On Underfelt 16m x 1mBenefits:High softening point bitumen coating.Durable performanceStrong and flexible.Easily detailed.Overview..
Brand: IKO Part Code: RF F SHED
Shed FeltTraditional shed felt green mineral 1m by 10mGreen mineral feltBenefits:Fine green mineral surfaced roofing felt for use on sheds, hutches, kennels and outhousesWaterproofs and protects from the elementsLasts up to 5 yearsOverview..
Brand: IKO Part Code: RF F G
IKO Trade Top Sheet is a heavyweight, green or black slate surfaced top layer and is ideal for use as the cap sheet to a multi-layer system or a single layer on shed roofs.Features:Traditional green mineral product Economy roofing material Nail fixing, cold adhesive or pour and roll bitumen applicat..
Brand: IKO Part Code: RF F GTO
Adesso Torch is a range of polyester based, slate surfaced torch-on cap sheets, coated with a high softening point APP modified bitumen coating.Overview..
Brand: IKO Part Code: RF F RU
IKO Undertile Felt (1F) is the traditional undertile roofing felt, complying to British Standards and still favoured by many roofers. IKO Undertile reinforced slaters felt is manufactured specifically for use as an undertile roofing felt beneath tiles or slatesUse as a traditional bituminous undersl..
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