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15 Nov November Price Changes
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The following is a list of all the changed prices for November:..
06 Oct October Price Increses
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14 Sep September Price Increases
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The following chart is a list of all the changed prices during September:..
07 Jun June Newsletter
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June sees us celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee and with it the hope of brighter and warmer weather.  We’ve got some fantastic offers available on our premium patio packs as well as a bulk buy offer on ProSolve Pro W..
06 May May Newsletter
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What can you expect to see in this month’s issue? With spring upon us and with the landscaping season underway, we have some fantastic patio paving pack offers in addition to a new range of bricks from Acheson & Glover L..
11 Apr Frank Key Newsletter April 2022
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Welcome to the Frank Key April 2022 newsletterWelcome to the April newsletter, this month we will be talking about current world events and how they are affecting our industry as well as what's going on at Frank Key we h..
07 Mar March 2022 Newsletter
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Welcome to the Frank Key March 2022 newsletter.This month, as usual, we will be discussing the key news and important messages from Frank Key.We will be talking about price changes for this month in addition to the price..
09 Feb February 2022 Update
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In January we promised to keep you up to date on any pending price increases.  Please find February’s price increases below.February Price Increases Products Increase Percentage Building Chemicals 5..
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