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Heater Filters & Chemicals

Brand: Frank Key Part Code: PB SU LD
Immediately ready for use. Will locate the smallest leak in gas or pressurised air vessels, pipes, screwed connections, fittings and valves, quickly, reliably and conveniently.Features:High QualityOverview..
Brand: Laco Part Code: PB SU SF1
1 Litre which treats up to 10 Radiators. This Inhibitor delivers a powerful protection for heating systems against scale & corrosion.Features:Inhibits Corrosion and ScaleReduces Boiler NoiseProtects System & Save FuelOverview..
Brand: Laco Part Code: PB SU SF4
1 Litre treats up to 10 Radiators. This Leak Sealer is an internal use leak sealer for sealing small leaks and weeping joints within the central heating system. Features:Prevents potential water damageImproves central heating system efficiency and conserves fuelSeals leaks within 24 hoursWont block ..
Brand: Laco Part Code: PB SU SF3
330ml delivers a powerful cleaner to clean and neutralises sludge, flux, scale, silt, light rust, debris, oils and grease from both new and old Systems. As well as flocculating magnetite sludges and residues, to enable easy removal with a powerflush machine. 1 Litre would typically treat 10 radiator..
Brand: Laco Part Code: PB SU SF2
1 Litre treats up to 10 Radiators. This Silencer is a flocculent blend that is typically used to shift deposits of slit, mud and sand from open drains.Features:Cures boiler noise and restores heating system efficiencyProtects all system metalsOverview..
Part Code: PB SU PM 750
This plumbers mait non-setting putty from Evo-Stik is suitable for use on sanitary joints giving a watertight seal and can be painted over.Features:Adheres to metal, PVC, vitreous enamels and ceramicsNon-cracking formulationIts permanent flexibility allows for joint movementOverview..
Part Code: PB S06
For use with hot and cold water (non-potable duties), natural gas and low pressure steam.Key Features:High QualityOverview..
Part Code: PB S134
Ready-mixed and permanently flexible non-setting sealant for sanitary joints. Suitable for downpipes, guttering, sinks and vanity units.Key Features:High QualityOverview..
Brand: Sylglas Part Code: PB S112
Brand: Atmos Part Code: PB ATM05
Atmos Bond flexible putty is a bathroom mastic used to seal wash basin outlets and pipe jointing.Key Features:High QualityOverview..
Brand: Atmos Part Code: PB ATM04
Atmos Paste is a 2-part resin product for use on small cracks and chips in porcelain, stoneware and is also ideal for use on leaking plumbing joints.Key Features:High QualityOverview..
Brand: Atmos Part Code: PB ATM03
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