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Paving Calculator

Welcome to our online Paving Calculator tool. Our paving calculator is designed to show you how many slabs you need to pave a certain surface area. Just enter the dimensions of the area you’re wanting to pave below, and our handy tool will give you an answer in seconds. Give it a try, you’ll never need to ask “how many slabs do I need” ever again!

Get started by entering the area you’re wanting to pave below and we’ll calculate the number of slabs you require.

Paving Calculator

What are the dimesions of the area you are paving in metres?

Length (m)
Width (m)

What size paving slabs are you using (mm) ?

Length (mm)
Width (mm)



Area to cover in m2


Number of slabs required

Please note: We have added an additional 10% extra slabs to account for wastage

Don’t forget – paving slabs of a larger size can be heavy. Please ensure that if you’re planning on ordering larger slabs that you have someone else on-hand to assist.

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