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Many people want to get their hands dirty and look to save a few pennies. With the majority of jobs costing more in labour than in materials, why not have a go and save some cash

17 Jul How to repair concrete steps edge
George 0 549
A chuck of concrete broken off a concrete step can worsen over time, especially with weathering during winters. The fix is simple without needing for the whole step to be destroyed and re-moulded.The process of fixing a broken edge can seem daunting but is relatively simple if you know the right steps to take. We'll show you how to fix a broken edg..
01 Jul How to insulate your home with loft insulation rolls
George 0 871
Properties without sufficient insulation can lose around 10 - 25% of the heat energy generated via the roof each year alone. To some, this may seem like a small percentage lost. In the grand scheme of things, however, you could be forking out thousands of pounds on wasted energy per year. In this project guide, we cover the ins and outs of how to i..
26 Jun How to fix internal doors
George 0 838
Stiff & squeaky doorsSqueaking doors can be extremely noisy, especially when you’re trying to close a door quietly. Luckily, the solution to fixing this problem door is very simple. All you have to do is spray your choice of lubricating oil onto the hinges and latch. Allow the oil to flow get into the nooks and crannies by opening and closing the d..
19 Jun How to lay bricks for a garden wall
George 0 954
Most garden walls are made of brick, it is a sturdy material which can withstand a lot of strain. At Frank Key, we believe a garden wall really compliments both the house and the garden perfectly. As experts, we know that laying the bricks can be tricky so we've put together a step-by-step guide to help you along the way.Step 1The trench. You’ll ne..
03 Jun How to repair a fence
George 0 455
As the weather gets progressively worse, you may find your fence breaking, and you may need to rebuild one. We are here to give expert advice and we are focusing on how to build a fence. Fencing almost provides the divide between your house and your neighbour's house, nice fencing is important to a nice garden with a nice surrounding.Step 1The firs..
01 Jun How to install a toilet
George 0 824
Installation and plumbing should nearly always be left to a fully qualified professional. However, if you see yourself as adequate at DIY, you can save yourself a reasonable sum of money as well as time by fitting your own toilet. This guide will provide step-by-step instructions for fitting a close coupled toilet - the most common toilet design is..
30 May How to build a shed
George 0 676
A shed is an easy addition to your garden to help with storage issues or providing a space to work from. We have sheds in a range of sizes which are a breeze to build.1. Preserve your woodBefore putting your shed together, treat all of your wooden parts with wood preserver. This will boost the protection and preserve your shed for a longer life.Alw..
17 May How to repair a leaking roof
George 0 661
A leaking roof is a real nuisance, particularly in storym weather. But it can be more than just an inconvenience. If left unattended, a leak in your roof could cause structural damage and so should be addressed as soon as it is identified. Luckily, Frank Key have the tools and expertise to help you complete an effective repair and keep your home dr..
16 May How to fit interior doors
Zak 0 345
Whether you are looking to fit a new door for your kitchen or bathroom, a new interior door can refresh the look of your home and give a great first impression.It’s a common misconception that hanging a door yourself can be a difficult job to do, which simply isn’t the case. With our quick and easy guide, the jobs a piece of cake.1. PreparationKeep..
07 May How to decorate a small garden
Zak 0 348
Decorating a small garden may feel like a difficult task when you have big ideas and plans. By transforming your outdoor space, you are essentially making the most of your property – which is ideal for making a house feel more like a home…Your haven.There are many clever tips and tricks that can help you revamp your garden into something you adore ..
10 Apr How to unfreeze frozen water pipes
Zak 0 458
We’re now in the full swing of winter, with Christmas behind us and potentially some of the coldest days ahead of us. This means your water pipes are more at risk of freezing.As we discussed previously on our blog, there are things you can do to help protect your pipes in winter. However, should the unfortunate happen, there are things you can do t..
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