If you’ve reached this episode, you should now be up to a stage where your bar area is starting to look a bit more like a bar; with a platform, wall & roof (of a shed) and some decking with a barrier around it. This episode will explain to you how to convert the wall & roof of the shed into the bar area, with a window and shelf so that you can serve your drinks or food.

The Window

If the shed you have used already has a window, then this will be a quick and easy step. However, if your shed doesn’t, you will have to cut out your own window area. To carry out this task, you will have to cut out a square or rectangle out of the side of the shed that has the measurements you’d like your bar area to be. This can be done with a variety of tools such as a circular saw, a jigsaw or a reciprocating saw. Once you have decided on how wide you want your bar to be, move on to the next step.

Support Posts

We recommend adding support posts to your bar area. You should do this by securing two posts to the floor beneath where your bar will be. Use your tape measure to measure the distance, and use marking tools to ensure correct installation. Once you are happy with where the posts will be, and a certain they will match up to your bar, then secure them in place.

Create the Bar

To create your bar, you will be using some plywood. The first step is to cut this into shape, with the width been the same as your window. When you’ve got this cut into shape, slot it into the window and then place it on top of the support posts from the previous step. When you are happy with the placement, secure the bar into place.

Window Shutters

At this stage, your project is almost complete and your shed should really look like a bar. Make any alterations that you may prefer, such as covering the exposed side of the bar. One alteration that we recommend is installing a cover for your window. This is for both security reasons as well as to protect the inside of your bar against weathering. This can be done by cutting pieces of wood down to size and installing them to the gap with hinges. Ensure they are measured to length so that they meet. Where they do meet, you can install a cabin hook on the inside to keep the shutters locked.

Although your bar should now appear complete, it may look a bit dull. Check out Episode 6, where we will be giving you inspiration of ways to decorate your bar to ensure it really impresses your guests.

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