By now, you should now have assembled the platform for your garden bar, with space for a nice little seating area in front of the bar as well as the shed. In this guide, we will be converting a shed into a garden bar; however, there are also many other ways to get your ideal garden bar and these steps can still be followed if you aren’t using a shed.

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Lay Down the Flooring

If you are using a shed for this project, you should have been supplied with flooring. The first step is to place the flooring on top of your platform in the area that you want the bar to be in. Ensure that when carrying out this task, the floor is level. Once you are happy with the placement, secure the floor in place.

Assembling the Walls & Door

Now it’s time to install the walls for your garden bar. This can be done solo, but we highly recommend getting a friend or family member to help with this step to ensure a perfect angle, and to avoid injury. Assemble your walls and door by nailing them to the floor that you placed in the previous step.

Installing a door is optional, but we do recommend it. It allows an increased security and allows you to safely store/install items into the bar without having to move them consistently.

Attach the Support Bar

Before attaching the roof to your now assembled floor and walls, you need to attach the roofing bar. The roofing support bar ensures that the roof won’t collapse. We recommend taking time with this step to ensure the bar is central to the walls, to ensure that your roof is symmetrical.

Adding Roof Panels

By this point, you should have your roof beam installed so that the roof panels meet up at the same height. Attaching roof panels will ensure your bar doesn’t leak. Secure these to the walls and support bar with nails.

There is also the option to add roofing felt, which ensures any water on the roof will drain off and the risk of your garden bar leaking is minimised.

By this point, your shed should be attached to your platform and fully assembled with walls and a door (if you decided to have a door). 

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