With spring not far away, the thought of upgrading your garden or outdoor space may be lingering on your mind. Choosing the right aggregate and gravel can make all the difference in the world when it comes to landscaping and creating stunning outdoor spaces.

In this blog, we discuss the various aggregates out there, and our goal is to help and motivate you to find your ideal materials to enhance the appearance of your garden.

Different types of garden stones

Improving your garden is always exciting and there are a ton of options available when it comes to selecting garden stones!

Our aggregate bulk bags are available in a variety of sizes, shapes, textures, and colours, ranging from thin and compelling grey slate to round, bright white marble pebbles.

Each type of garden stone is suited for different uses and it’s important to choose a material which is suitable for your garden project.

There are several applications for every kind of garden stone, so it's important to select the right one for your landscaping project.

So, what are the different stones we have available for your gardens?


One of the most widely used types of garden stone chips is gravel. A broad range of colours, sizes, and textures is offered, so any design can be complemented by them. 

Gravel is a naturally occurring substance with a wide range of sizes. Larger areas of landscaping work best with 15–20 mm gravel. However, as it is more comfortable to walk on, smaller, rounder gravel, such as River Washed Gravel 10mm, is ideal for pathways. Limestone is a widely used material for driveways because of its angular shape and natural interlocking characteristic, which makes it easy to drive on.

A few of the main advantages of gravel include versatility, low maintenance requirements, and ease of laying. It naturally suppresses weeds, which is a huge benefit if you'd rather enjoy your garden than spend endless hours pulling weeds!

Slate Chipping

Slate chippings are perfect for improving garden areas, rockeries, ponds, borders, and driveways. Because 20mm Slate Chippings are flat, they are ideal for walkways and provide a comfortable walking surface.

Slate chippings are considered a recycled resource that comes from the fabrication of roofing slates and are considered to be more environmentally friendly than most other landscaping stones.

Available in a variety of natural tints, such as plum, green, blue, and graphite grey

Slate chippings are a great option if you want to design a lovely garden that suppresses weeds.

Cobbles and pebbles

Typically larger than gravel, cobbles and pebbles have a smooth, rounded surface that gives them a fashionable appearance that enhances any garden.

They can be added to borders, ponds, aquatic features, planting beds, or as a component of a rock garden formation.

For rock garden water features, pebbles and cobbles are especially popular because of their smooth texture, which shimmers wonderfully in the rain. Scottish Cobbles and Pebbles are a traditional option for water features; they provide an exquisitely smooth surface and the natural colour tones of the stone are enhanced by water.

To summarise, the selection of garden stones, such as gravel, slate chipping, cobbles, and pebbles, is critical in improving the visual appeal and functioning of outdoor spaces. Each variety of stone has unique properties and benefits that cater to different landscaping needs and design preferences. You can understand the characteristics and applications of various garden stones and can make informed judgements to improve the aesthetic appeal and practicality of your garden landscape. To view our vast and popular selection of decorative aggregate bags, visit our dedicated bulk bags page. Comes in a variety of sizes ranging from Big Bulk bags(850kg approx), Dumpy Bags(500kg approx) and Poly Bags(20kg approx), so you can find the right fit for your garden.