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Here at Frank Key, we offer a wide range of bricks for you to choose from and with our brick matching services we can help make the process of finding the right brick for your build easy and stress-free. We deliver bricks to Nottingham, Derby, Sheffield and many more areas. Please see our delivery information to see the full range of postcodes.

Brick Matching

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Please upload clear photographs of the bricks which require matching:

How to Get Started With Brick Matching

Once you fill in all the relevant information for the brick matching services our brick experts at Frank Key will work to find your perfect brick and contact you with our brick options with information on delivery and availability.

Please use the information box at the bottom of the form to specify your required brick dimensions and also if you require brick slip cutting.

Please complete the following for our brick matching:

  • Fill in all the required information
  • Attach a close-up and ranged picture of your bricks
  • Mention any special requests in the additional information box
  • Press submit and wait for one of our staff members to contact you

Please be as specific as possible when entering extra information and if you have any questions feel free to include them in the additional information box.

The Bricks we Offer:

We offer a wide range of bricks, concrete blocks and brick slip to all our customers with multiple options of each to get the right brick or block for your requirements.

Our Suppliers:

We offer a range of bulk prices that are available from the countries top brick manufacturers.

We Offer:
  • Breeze Blocks
  • 73mm Bricks
  • Cinder Block
  • Handmade Bricks
  • 65mm Bricks
  • Engineering Bricks
  • Cement Blocks

  • Hollow Concrete Blocks
  • Heather Multi Facing Brick
  • Forterra London Brick
  • Forterra Frampton Red Mixture Facing
  • Forterra London Brick
  • Forterra Hilltop AntiqueI
  • Ibstock Cavendish Dorket

Why Frank Key As Your Brick Supplier?

We offer a wide range of attractive bricks that are delivered by our own Frank Key delivery drivers with our curbside delivery service around the Nottingham area. We offer flexible delivery with custom time slots and the option to request next-day delivery. We offer special shape bricks as well as brick slip cutting services to help cover a wall with a thin layer of attractive brick.

We also offer a range of blocks, mortars, cement mixers and all the other tools and materials needed for your build at competitive prices. This allows our customers to get everything they need for their build all in one place.

Everything You Need In One Place

If you want to look at our websites full range then click the button for the type of brick you want in the above section of the page or scroll to the bottom of the page and click the "Shop for bricks" banner

Our builders-merchants and tool hire sites offer full solutions for our customers so you can get everything you need for your build in one order, great for someone who doesn't want to waste their time looking through countless websites to find all the right supplies and tools.

If you require a cement mixer for hire or mortar to go with your bricks then click the banners below this text to view our options.

Aircrete Block 100mm x 440mm x 215mm 3.6N
New Hot
Brand: Thermalite Part Code: KE BLO TC 4
Blocks for External Walls, Foundations, Partitions and Separating WallsAircrete Blocks 100mm 3.6NBenefits:High thermal performance80 per cent recycled contentExtremely high moisture resistanceOverview..
Brand: Tarmac Part Code: KE BLO S 4
100mm Solid Dense Concrete Block 7.3NBenefits:Can resist up to 7.3N of forceSolid and dense constructionOverview..
Brand: Wienerberger Part Code: KE BR CB
65mm Red Class B Engineering BrickThis Class B engineering brick from Wienerberger, one of the leading suppliers of facing bricks in the UK, is designed to be perfectly suitable for manholes and in places where decoration is not of prime importance. These perforated bricks can be used below a damp p..
Brand: Unbranded Part Code: KE BR CC 65
Concrete common bricks are designed for all types of construction above and below DPC level, they are grey in colour and are high in density, strength and thermal conductivity values. Common bricks are compatible with most dense concrete blocks, they will gain strength with age and are extremely dur..
Brand: Tarmac Part Code: KE BLO S 6STD
140mm Solid Dense Concrete Block 7.3NBenefits:Can resist up to 7.3N of forceSolid and dense constructionOverview..
Brand: Interfuse Part Code: KE BLO C 4 ULTRA
Interlyte ULTRA Lightweight Clinker BlocksInterlyte-Ultra lightweight units are manufactured from a blend of lightweight aggregates and cement. The Interlyte-Ultra Clinker Blocks are a general purpose masonry unit of low density and weight.The standard unit has a textured face which is ideal for pla..
Brand: Wienerberger Part Code: KE BR BB 65P
Staffordshire Smooth Blue Facing Brick Perforated 65mmA smooth deep blue.Benefits:Can be used below DPCLow Salt Content - S2Overview..
Brand: Tarmac Part Code: KE BLO H 9 7STD
Our Hollow Concrete Blocks are useful for a variety of building applications. Can be used for the construction of high strength retaining walls, for external walls, cavity walls, partition walls and party walls. The blocks are of high strength meaning they can be used in a wide range of projects ran..
Brand: Thermalite Part Code: KE BLO TT 12 3.6
The tongue and groove design of the Aircrete Trench Blocks makes them quick and easy to fit.Thermalite Aircrete Tongue & Groove Trenchblocks can be used in place of a cavity wall with a heavy concrete brick or block infill.These blocks are ideal for concealed use rather than in facing projects due t..
Part Code: BR BB 65
The high compressive strength and low water absorption properties and guaranteed durability of engineering bricks make them ideal for use below ground level and damp proof courses. Also often used as a capping for walls with creasing tiles to form a drip pointFeatures:Selected for its technical prop..
Brand: Forterra Part Code: BR H HM
Heather Multi-light textured brick is a red, light-textured, wire-cut, Extruded brick from Forterra available in size 102.5 x 215 x 65 mm.Features:High quality facing brickContribute to thermal massCan be recycled at the end of their useLocally sourced raw materialsBES 6001 Responsible Sourcing cert..
Brand: Wienerberger Part Code: BR BB DBN
The smooth solid blue double bull nosed BN 2.2 is a special shaped brick which can be used for wall capping or vertical or horizontal curves around window and door reveals. It is a solid smooth slate blue-grey colour and has an almost glossy finish.Features:Smooth textureSolidSpecial shapedRadius: 5..
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