After years of neglect, decking will start to fade as dirt and moss builds up, causing a green, dirty look that overshadows the natural texture of your wood.

If you're wondering: "how can I restore my decking?" this video/ blog will detail exactly that with tips and tricks to make the job faster and easier while showing you exactly where you can get the equipment you need to get the job done.

The Video:

Frank Key Tool Hire offers everything you need to completely restore your garden and decking, including our range of pressure washers. For decking, we recommend that you use a medium to high-powered electric 240v jet wash:

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How to Get Started:

Firstly, you need to tidy the area you are cleaning, starting with taking any large objects off the decking and then sweeping up the surface of the decking to remove loose dirt. Cleaning your area is a great way to get started it also makes the job of pressure washing easier.

Once the pressure washer is ready to go, the best way to approach the clean-up is to clean one board at a time and keep a 5-10 inch distance from the wood while moving the water stream with the gain of the wood. Repeat this process until you finish the clean, then go back over any darker patches to ensure a consistent clean.

Now you are ready to get on after the tidy decking you've always wanted.