In Episode 6 of “How to build an outdoor garden bar”, we’ll be showing you how to decorate your bar now that the structure is fully complete. If you’ve not got a complete structure yet, please visit the previous episode which you can find by clicking here. This episode will display a wide selection of decorations for your garden bar to really bring it to life, including some shelving, artificial grass, lighting and any of your own personalised items such as a sign.

Shelving and Storage

The first decoration your bar will need is a storage solution for your alcohol, drinks and snacks. No bar is complete without a good display of your drinks selection. We recommend installing some shelving behind your bar area that is visible when looking in from the outside. Using a spirit level, install your shelf brackets and shelf. You can always paint your shelf to match the bar, or you can leave it as the default colour. We recommend adding multiple shelves so you have more storage.

Artificial Grass

If you got to this stage by following our guide, your bar should have a decking area. One improvement that you could make, if you prefer, is to add some artificial grass to the decking area. This will create a burst of colour but also makes it easier to clean up any spillages. You’d need a multitude of cleaning solutions to wipe your decking from an alcohol spillage, but with artificial grass, you can simply clean it with a sponge and an artificial glass cleaner.


When it comes to lighting, it’s all about the vibes you want to give off from your bar. Are you going for a traditional look or a more exotic look? If you’re going for exotic, fairy lights can’t be beaten. These can be purchased in all sorts of sizes, colours and styles. The easiest way to install fairy lights is to wrap them into your bar and around your decking, attached to an extension lead. We recommend ensuring your lead and lights are waterproof in case it does rain.
For more traditional lighting, battery-powered lanterns are a no-brainer and can be installed as free-standing or to the wall of your bar. These will create a very traditional feel, and before you know it you will feel like you’re sat outside your local. These will also be available through the mains and can be attached to an extension lead if battery-powered isn’t the route you want to take. 

Signing Off

What use is a garden bar without a name? Every pub, bar and club to ever exist has had a name. Get your thinking cap on with a name, and come up with a name. Once you have one, you should get a sign created to stick on the outside of your bar. Although the sign may not be essential, it really does add a special touch to your bar and makes it personal. You can get these custom online, or you can make your own quite easily using a piece of wood and a chisel. Draw out the name of your bar on the wood with a pencil, and simply carve it out with a chisel to create a bevel effect.  

That was the final episode of our "How to Build an outdoor garden bar" blog series. If you have reached this stage, your bar should be fully complete with decorations and a name; ready to enjoy a nice, cold drink this Summer.

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