Why You Should Have a Platform

Having a garden bar is one thing; you get to make and serve drinks in the comfort of your own garden but what use is that if you’ve got nowhere to sit back and relax with your drink? This is where the platform comes in.

The platform will be used to add your very own seating area, and you can customise it beyond what we will instruct you to do to suit your theme or style. The important part is that you have one, as it really comes hand-in-hand with the bar.

Before You Start

Before you start with this stage of our guide, we recommend that you read part 1 to ensure you have the correct materials and tools so you have a good idea of what the end result will be.

Measure Your Area

Before you even pick up the timber, you’ll need to measure out the area and make sure there is enough space for both your shed/bar, as well as 2 metres extra length in front for the decking. The length of the decking is optional and will be situational based on your garden size, however, we do recommend 2 metres.

Cutting Timber To Size

Now it’s time to get to work. Using a marker and a handsaw, cut two pieces of timber to match the width of the measured area, and six pieces of timber for the length. Your decking foundation should have a border, and the extra lengths will be used as joists to increase stability and strength.

Position the timber in place to ensure they all fit and are the correct size. If one of the measurements is off, then it won’t fit correctly so this part is important.

Assembling The Base

Grab your electric drill and some screws and use these to secure the outer frame together ensuring the corners are at a right angle. Grab the extra pieces of timber, and secure these to the frame as the inner joists.

It’s important that the inner joists are spread apart equally. Use a tape measure and a marker to know where the joists should be installed. When you are happy with your measurements, screw these lengths into the border.

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