Why You Need a Garden Bar

With summer fast approaching, the use of your garden will gradually increase, whether that’s for relaxing by yourself or for having a few friends over for a BBQ. It’s the perfect time to prepare your garden for these occasions, and what better way to do it than building a garden bar? A garden bar will be the ideal addition to your garden, providing both an area to sit and an area to store drinks and food.

Before You Start

Before you even get the handsaw or nail gun out, you need to prepare the area in which the bar will be situated. Remove any debris, garden furniture and ensure to sweep up any leaves to make sure the ground is clean and level. 

Planning Permission

Before you start with the materials required for your garden bar, you must first check that it is legal to build on the area you wish to use. We heavily advise that you check the Gov UK website to check planning permission for your area. Check your local area here.

Set Your Budget

Everybody will have a different sized garden, and with that comes different requirements to suit various budgets. You may want to build just a small bar for storage. This guide will show you how to convert a shed into a bar, so that the bar is sheltered. If you are wanting to build more of a 'mancave', then please check our separate guide for this which can be found here.

What You Need

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