Why You need a mancave

An outdoor man cave is a great option for anyone who wants their own isolated space to do the things they want while being able to be as loud as they want without disturbing anyone else in the house. This means movies, games and music without disturbing anyone as well as allowing you to better utilize your garden and all its space.

You could go with the option of buying a pre-made shed and then kit that out with all your required facilities and equipment or you can build your own from scratch, which can be cheaper and a lot more fun.

This 6 episode blog series will guide you a detailed step by step guide from a misused outdoor area to a fully certified man cave for hours or uninterrupted leisure.

Can I really get tax relief on my Man Cave?

Before you start

You must ensure you plan out exactly where you want your man cave, this will want to be an area of land that is flat as possible and big enough for everything you want in your man cave. This might seem like a very obvious point, however, planning this first will ensure the mancave is perfect once it is finished because the last thing you will want is to notice a design flaw once the shed is already built. Measuring all the furniture and items that will be in your man cave will help you to plan out a diagram of your with measurements so you have a better understanding of how much room you will need.

Planning Permission

Before you even get started on the building process you must ensure that the area you plan to build on is as clear as it can be. Also, If you are building a man cave ensure that you check with the local authorities or homeowner association to check if you need building permissions.

Please visit the gov.uk website to check for your area: Check Your Local Area Here

Set a budget

There is no point in starting a project you can't afford to finish, so ensure that you are not breaking the bank with your design plans. To get a better understanding of what it will cost, look at pre-built sheds online that are of a similar size and made of the same materials as your design to get an idea of the max cost and set your budget based on that. (Building the shed yourself can be cheaper than pre-built options if done correctly so consider this when planning the budget).

What you will need:

This will depend on your environment and your mancave requirements and material quantities will depend on the size of the mancave.

Keep in mind that if your shed is going to be larger than 10 x 8ft or is going to contain lots of heavy objects you will be better off making your sheds base out of paving slabs or concrete.




With this information, you should know what you need to do to get yourself on the path to starting your man cave project.

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