Decorating a small garden may feel like a difficult task when you have big ideas and plans. By transforming your outdoor space, you are essentially making the most of your property – which is ideal for making a house feel more like a home…Your haven.

There are many clever tips and tricks that can help you revamp your garden into something you adore and treasure. Through this article, we are going to explore many ideas that will help you decorate your garden and create more space for you to enjoy it all year round.

1. Planning

Achieving a clutter-free garden starts with a plan.

Take some time to review your garden and figure out how you want to utilise your space. Think about whether you are looking for a space for leisure, flower display, vegetables etc. Next, note down the areas that you can see yourself spending the most time in (that is if you want to use your garden for leisure). From this, you will have a main focal point to where you plan your garden around this area to avoid your garden from being overly cluttered.

Through planning, you are able to brainstorm your ideas and carefully select out the designs that will work for your small garden. We recommend that you begin by defining the shape of your outdoor space and mark out areas in which you want to utilise. From this, you can define what you want to include within your yard. Whether it be a patio with a place to sit and relax during the warm days in Summer, or a small shed to hold your garden tools, draw out many variations until you feel happy with the potential outcome.

2. Divide up space

Surprisingly, dividing up areas of your garden can help make space feel a little bit bigger than it actually is. Adding 1 to 2 sections in your garden can help you create a bigger space (which could be your frequently used area) and a smaller space. This allows you to create a different feel depending on how you decide to decorate your “zones”. For example, one space can be used for your solitary space; where you could choose to spend time reading or enjoying your surroundings, Whilst the other be used for social gatherings.

To divide up space, you can either do it through fencing or garden screens.

3. Add a decking area

For those of you who are looking for a space for social gatherings or for outdoor dining, a decking area can provide a cohesive and attractive area. Providing you with a sturdy surface, you can always update the look of your deck with fresh paint to revamp your garden each year.

4. Add some colour

When choosing a colour theme you want to pick colours that complement each other and work well to help your garden look cohesive.

One way to add more pop of colour to your garden is through flowers and plant pots. Flowers are a great way to add colour to your outdoor space with little to no effort. Having plant pots allows you to move your plants around whenever you feel like changing the look of your garden.

Here at Frank Key, we offer high quality landscaping supplies to help you achieve the garden of your dreams.