During the hot Summer months, it takes a lot of care and attention to keep our gardens looking bright and healthy, especially when the weather is particularly dry. However, constantly watering our plants and lawn can lead to 70% of our water supply being used in the garden. With many UK households now on a water meter, this can lead to higher costs; and with hosepipe bans regularly coming into place during the Summer, here are some useful ways to keep your garden looking bright and fresh, while reducing the amount of water wasted.

Water at the right time of day

When watering your plants, you should water your garden during the morning, before the sun is too strong and the water is less likely to evaporate. However, research has shown that the optimal time to water potted plants is during the afternoon.

Harvest and recycle water

You can collect as much as 24,000 litres of rainwater each year by installing a water butt. In addition, you can also install a grey water diverter which diverts water from your bath, shower or washing machine into a water butt. While household soaps are harmless to plants, bleach, dishwasher salts and stronger cleaners can be harmful so be careful about which waste water you use to water your plants.

Plant flowers that need less water

Choosing drought resistant plants will reduce the amount of water required to keep your garden looking healthy. Lavender, palms and mimosa are particularly effective, but there are is a whole array of plants that can be used.

Look after your soil

70% of soil water will evaporate during the day. However, adding a protective layer of mulch will help to prevent moisture evaporation while allowing moisture to drain into the soil. Our article on why you should apply mulch will provide you with more information.

Use a targeted watering technique

Although labour-intensive, using a watering can to target the base of your plants is an effective way to reduce water wastage. This ensures the plants you want to look after are watered, but reduces the growth of weeds in the surrounding soil by keeping it dry. A watering can with a sprinkle attachment can also be used to water your lawn, as an alternative to a sprinkler.

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