Winter is fast approaching and it is vital you keep your home intact for winter. To help, we have put together some DIY tasks that will allow you to maintain your home’s great condition

Check your property’s exterior

Maintain your properties exterior by ensuring defects such as cracked render, broken guttering, gaps around windows and leaking roofs are sealed. Check gutters and downspouts for any debris, clear it regularly to prevent any blockages during heavy rain periods. This could prevent internal damp from external walls being soaked by leaking gutters. During the winter months, burst pipes are a huge issue throughout UK households. To help prevent burst pipes, ensure all pipes are properly insulated by using lagging. Lagging can be purchased for a very cheap price at most DIY shops.

Insulate your pipes

Burst pipes are one of the biggest issues during the winter months within the UK. To help prevent burst pipes, ensure all of your pipes are insulated using lagging, it is simple to buy from most DIY shops.

Sweep the chimney

Get the chimney swept and checked, especially if you haven’t used the fire since springtime. You never know what could’ve gained access to the chimney, birds are often found there setting up a home. If you don’t get them checked you risk the smoke blowing back into the front room and damaging your interior.

Hot water tank

It is a good idea to insulate your hot water tank. You can buy materials from DIY stores and it helps conserve heat and save money.

Check for draughts

You may have double glazing but this doesn’t mean you won’t have draughts. Now the weather is getting colder it is a good idea to run the back of your hand round the window and door frames. You’ll feel the cold air forcing its way through if there are any leaks. You can seal this with silicone sealant or fit draught excluders.

Take a look at our products, we may have what you need to secure your home for these cold winter months. Having an issue? Contact us today, we will guide you towards the perfect product or way of amending the issue.