What can you expect to see in this month’s issue?

With spring upon us and with the landscaping season underway, we have some fantastic patio paving pack offers in addition to a new range of bricks from Acheson & Glover Ltd.


Price increases continue to be prevalent and whilst we understand they are not a good news story, we feel it is important for us to continue to communicate this to you in advance.


Following last month’s newsletter, you will be aware that our 2022 Landscaping Guide is now available. I hope you have taken the opportunity to get your hands on a copy of the guide as many copies are flying off our trade counters. The feedback we have received so far has been fantastic – thank you.


In ‘Key News’ we talk about the upcoming changes to building regulations and what we're doing to reduce our carbon footprint. I hope you enjoy the read.


Ben Sansom

Group Sales & Marketing Director