Our star baker, Wendy Smith has celebrated 20 years long service at Frank Key Group.

When Wendy began her first job in the finance office at the Daybrook, Nottingham branch, Tony Blair was Prime Minister, the turn of the Millennium was just around the corner and Britney Spear’s ‘Baby One More Time’ was the year’s best selling single. 

Twenty years on, Wendy continues to apply her vast knowledge of Frank Key Group’s operations and oversees our purchase ledger. During her time with us, she has seen Frank Key expand from a single site at Daybrook to 17 depots across the Midlands and South Yorkshire.

Robert Sansom, Frank Key Group owner, says: “When Wendy joined the business she started in a tiny office just around the corner from me. Her application to her work is second to none and she continues to maintain a tight rein over our finances - something which is essential in any successful business.

“She also applies her keen eye for detail in another of her favourite pastimes - baking. On Wednesdays, an air of expectancy passes around the head office as we await Wendy’s latest cooking creations - and she never disappoints. She is our own star baker and it’s a wonderful personal touch that reflects the friendships that she has developed with her colleagues over the years.”

Wendy says: “I can’t believe I have been working here for 20 years. I’ve seen a lot of really positive changes, with the business growing and new people joining - yet it still feels like only yesterday that I stepped through the door on my first day. 

“What keeps me coming back? Honestly, it is the lovely people. That’s something of which Robert and his new management team should be particularly proud. People make a business and that’s very true of Frank Key.

“I’m looking forward to many more years in the finance team and being part of this hugely successful family business that, even though it has grown, still places real value in its people.” 

Wendy lives in Arnold, just 15 minutes walk from our Nottingham branch. She has four children and six grandchildren.