As the warmer weather creeps in and the nights creep out, we want to start spending some time out in the garden. The garden is a great place to relax and unwind as well as socialise and entertain. But more and more, gardens, it seems, are shrinking and not everybody, particularly not those of us living in urban areas, have the luxury of a sprawling back garden. Luckily, Frank Key are on hand to help. So however small your garden may be, here are some creative ideas to help you turn your plot of land into a back-yard paradise.


With homes bundled close together, privacy can be an issue. It can be hard to relax in your back garden knowing that at any moment, Bob from next door could pop his head over the fence for a casual chat about Brexit. One way to ensure privacy is to use screening plants to create separation between the two yards. Bamboo is a good choice for this task, as it is fast growing and grows upwards rather than outwards, creating a natural partition that is practical as well as beautiful.


Adding layers to your back yard will create a more engaging and interesting vista. Experiment with installing planters at different heights, while adding raised decking to create separate spaces within the area. Layering plants at different heights will also create the illusion of space; mix and match colours and plants to increase the effect.

Create an outdoor living space

A smaller garden can also be a cosier garden. Add an outdoor rug and some comfortable furniture to create an outdoor living space. Adding a log burner or fire pit as a central focal point will help you enjoy the space long after the sun has gone down.

Vertical Garden

If you want to add some colour to your garden but lack the space for flower beds, you can add planters to existing partitions such as walls and fences. Hanging baskets with trailing plants will also add colour to your plot without sacrificing on the space.

Potted Plants

Another way to create colour and texture in your garden is to add in potted plants. Large pots can be used as movable flower beds, allowing you to plant seasonal flowers and replace them easily when you want a change. Similarly, hardy plants and evergreen shrubs can be used to provide year-round colour to your garden. You can also move the pots around to change the feel of the space. Set them up as a temporary partition to separate your outdoor living space from the rest of the garden to create a cosy retreat.

At Frank Key, we have the materials, tools and expertise you need to convert your outdoor space into a living paradise. Take a look at our garden and landscaping products and start enjoying your garden today.