We were called upon by garden landscaping business, SRM Landscaping and Construction, to provide the tools capable of removing a stubborn tree stump from a property in Elsecar, South Yorkshire.

SRM Landscaping and Construction hired a professional, compact stump grinder H22-GAR350-005 from our Plant & Tool Hire branch in Wakefield. 

Bob Morris, from SRM Landscaping & Construction, explains: “In normal circumstances, I would dig out the stump, but because it was situated close to the wall of a building there was the risk that its removal might impact on the wall’s stability. This is the first time I have used a stump grinder as I have always favoured removing the stump completely. The advice and service that I received from the team at Frank Key were excellent. The grinder was definitely the right machine for the job.”

Richard Meeks, Group Hire Director, says: “It is always rewarding to hear positive feedback from our customers. Our professional in-branch team receives training on all aspects of the equipment that we hire. That means we are able to direct customers to the most appropriate tool hire solution for the job in hand - from simple hand power tools to large excavators.”

Bob Morris continues: “It is rare that I hire in plant and equipment as I tend to buy what I need. However, hiring was a more cost-efficient way of removing the stump. Frank Key’s stump grinder was very competitively priced. Plus the grinder’s cutting head allowed me to get close to the wall, which only left a very small amount of the stump to be removed by hand. It had a good cutting height and depth, which was important as the stump was higher than I expected. That meant I didn't have to reduce it first with a chainsaw. I also needed to reduce the stump below ground to allow for a concrete sub-base.

“The service I received from Mick Ambler and his team at the Wakefield Hire Depot was excellent. That, together with the high standard of hire equipment, will ensure that I will consider hiring from Frank Key in the future if the need arises.”