As house prices are rising due to the economic recovery and demand increases, homeowners should do everything they can to increase the value of their home.

A garden is an important addition to a house because it’s where potential buyers will see themselves spending the time to enjoy the house.

A garden does not need to be a garden of the year to win over homebuyers. In fact, a simple and well-maintained garden which is easier to maintain will gratify buyers more, since they do not have to spend the time to maintain it.

One way to do this is to improve the look of their garden. This can be as simple as laying a new lawn, getting rid of weeds and removing those unsightly garden ornaments.

Here are our 5 top tips to improve the state of your garden to get the highest possible price for your house.

Get rid of weeds

A clean and weed-less garden is one of the most important ways that you can show buyers the value of your garden. This means that getting rid of the weeds and any rubbish that is in the garden is essential.

For weeds, Japanese knotweed is one of the most prevalent and common types of weed in the UK.

The best way to get rid of the weed would be to cut the stem and the leaves. Then work down to the root. The plant is known for having long roots that are deeply entrenched in the soil. Try and dig up as much of the root as possible but beware that these types of plants are known for having roots as long as 7ft long.

By cutting the stem and leaves, it forces the plant to the energy reserves to regrow. By following the process above and removing the stem and leaves when it regrows is a reliable method for getting the weeds under control.

Lush lawn

A lush green lawn can signal to buyers that the property is looked after and they can start to imagine how they will use the space when they move in. Making sure that the grass is green is a good way to convince them that they can move in without having to do much work.

In some instances, where the grass is particularly worn then it may need a new turf.

If the grass is yellow or is bald in some areas, using fertilizer can help regrow thick grass after it has been aerated.

If your garden has tiling or mulch, ensure that it is free from weeds and moss. For mulch, ensure that there are no pieces of mulch that have mould growth or slime since it can be offputting and unsightly.

Add some colour

Adding some colour to your garden will make it stand out and make the home altogether more inviting.

For colour, low maintenance plants are the best. Some of these are shasta daisy, perennial geranium, hosta and coreopsis.

As well as being more pleasing to the eye, it also attracts wildlife such as bees which is also a positive for nature.

Having a clean and well-maintained garden is great for showing potential buyers the best side of your home as well as getting you the highest price for your property.

After you’ve taken care of your garden, you can check the value of your home with a local estate agent or letting agent, who will perform a property valuation on your home.