A beautiful, well-tended garden is a labour of love, one which, although time-consuming, is incredibly rewarding. So it can be frustrating after spending all that time tending to your garden, trimming the verges and watering the flowers, only to come home from holiday to find your lawn has dried out and the weeds have taken over the flower bed.

Luckily, Frank Key have got your back and by following the tips in this simple guide, you can go away on holiday, safe in the knowledge that you’ll be coming back to a garden just the way you left it.

Keeping plants watered

The biggest issue you’ll face while you’re away is making sure your plants are watered while you’re gone. Obviously, the first thing to do is ask a neighbour or family member to water them for you in your absence, but that’s not always the most reliable method. One option available is to use water retaining gel, particularly in hanging baskets. The gel acts as a reservoir, retaining rain-water and moisture from the air and gradually releasing it as required by the plants.

Hanging baskets and other movable potted plants should also be moved to shaded areas of the garden to minimise water evaporation and ensure they remain watered for longer.

Managing your lawn

It might not feel like it, with the amount of care you’re likely to have put into your lawn up to now, but your lawn will manage perfectly well while you’re away. You will, of course, need to mow your lawn before you go and be prepared to do the same when you return, but however dry it gets, your lawn will survive.

Beds and borders

Weeds are the big problem here as, if left unattended, they will flower and seed and set up camp for years to come. Before you go away, be sure to pull up all the weeds, ensuring the roots are removed and cover the bed with some bark chippings to prevent weed growth while you’re away.


If you want your flowers to wait until you get back before flowering, you might want to deadhead all your repeat-flowering plants before you leave.

This will allow fresh buds to develop and ensure you don’t miss your flowers being in full bloom.

Don’t let your garden keep you at home this Summer. By following our guidance, you can go away safe in the knowledge that your garden will be able to look after itself while you’re away and look fantastic when you return.

At Frank Key, we provide everything you need to keep your garden looking fresh. Take a look at our landscaping products to see what we have on offer.