As the demand for housing continues to grow, there is a decrease in traditional walled properties and an increase in open plan living. Our gardens have become more public causing it to be more difficult to find space on our land to relax in privacy while enjoying the sun. Ideally, we want our gardens to be a place where we can unwind from our busy lifestyle and withdraw from the world away from our neighbours. With privacy screenings, not only will your property is separated from neighbours, but you too can use them to divide areas of your garden. Below, we have a quick guide on 4 wall types.

Walls & Fences

Walls and fences are probably the most solid and durable garden screen out on the market. As the most common partition method, These two options are able to withstand most weather conditions. With the occasional paint, fences do not require much upkeep. Regardless of if you choose a  wall or fence, you will have to be mindful of the regulations of your property as depending on where you live, there may be restrictions on height. To make sure there are no complications during the build, be sure to double check by applying for planning permission.

If you do decide to incorporate a wall or fence in your garden, be mindful of your budget as these two options can be quite pricey.

Hedging & Trees

Although they can take a few years to grow, hedging and trees are more time the most traditional and popular partition method. With saplings being affordable, If you are willing to spend a little more, buying a mature plant is actually possible and can save time. The only downside to this world is they are less likely to fully grow into an integrated wall. As all plant walls require a certain amount of TLC, hedges and trees are no different as they require regular maintenance to prevent them from becoming overgrown. However, with the right care, you will be rewarded with a pleasant natural looking screening.

Metal Screening

Built to last, metal screens have a huge variety making it is possible for you to find one that compliments your home and garden. Available in all shapes and sizes, they do not necessarily have to be used in the same way as you would with walls and fences. Metal screens are perfect if you are after a personal corner where you can have a solitary relax time to read books or enjoy your surrounding.  With decorative patterns that are cut into the metal, you essentially can create an outdoor space with something that looks similar to fancy room dividers.

Wooden screening

If you are more interested in adding a natural modern feel to your garden, bamboo screens and trellis panels are the perfect options. Perfect for surrounding a seating area, both options will transform your garden into a more Zen atmosphere. For smaller gardens, wooden screenings are perfect if you are after something that is versatile enough to have multiple purposes as a divider. Both of these options have the potential to be brightened up with more wildlife as you can dress them up with creeping plants and vines.

Whichever option is most appealing to you, all that is mentioned above will look effective when placed around patios and other outdoor areas.