With summer fast approaching, now’s the time to start working on those garden or home projects we tend to put off during the winter. Here’s our top five areas to consider making your next home improvement project, and if you’re looking for a challenge take a look at our projects section or come visit your local branch and speak to our helpful and knowledgeable team.

Give your front garden the TLC it deserves

If like most of us, you struggle to maintain the front of your home during the long winter months, you may want to consider beginning here when it comes to preparing your home for summer. Wether your greenery is overgrown or your paving is covered in weeds, you can brighten up this important entryway to your home with a few simple tools and products.

Check for any areas that need a lick of paint

Giving your home a fresh lick of paint can be one of the simplest and most satisfying ways to spruce it up. Whilst installing a new patio or re-fencing your garden can be mammoth tasks that you need to plan in advance for, re painting areas of your home can take less than a day in a lot of cases. Want an even quicker way to liven up your home? Simply re paint your homes skirting boards, it takes far less time than an entire room and will achieve a similar effect of making a room look new.

Prepare your garden for the use it’s going to get

You said you’d use it more! If the weather treats us well this summer you’re going to want to be prepared for lists of uses. So grab your mower, spade and get ready for those late night barbecues. Regularly trimming your lawn is an easy quick fix, but while in your garden it’s worth checking these areas too. You should also check any soil-covered areas for weeds or overgrown plans and overhanging tree branches. The same goes for your paving, which may need to be weeded and cleaned. Finally check the exterior of your home for any wear or damage to paint, fittings or structures such as a shed.

Make sure your outdoor furniture hasn’t suffered in the winter

It’s important to give your outdoor furniture a once-over, as harsh weather can damage them over time if not properly cared for. The last thing you want is to fall through a patio chair. Signs of damage such as split wood or a cracked glass table may mean they need to be repaired or replaced so keep an eye out, to prevent harm.

Pull out your green thumb and get planting

If you’re a budding gardener, now is the perfect time to pull out the trowel and hose and get planting ready for summer. Don’t forget to get rid of any lingering weeds though! I’m you don’t have a green thumb but love having plants to look at there are plenty of pre-grown plants you can buy to transfer into your garden. Just remember to water them!