When insulation goes bad it can become a huge problem to your home and it is vital you get it replaced as soon as possible. Homeowners can save around 11% of total energy costs by adding insulation to different parts of their home. If it isn’t up to scratch then your house is wasting heat unnecessarily. Here are 5 signs that it is time to get it replaced…

Indoor drafts

When there isn’t enough blockage between the outside air and the inside atmosphere, cold drafts can circulate the house. If you close all doors and windows in your home and can still feel a draft, check your insulation, it may be time to replace it.

High energy bills

If you notice your energy bills are rising then your insulation may not be doing enough to keep the heat in. If the cold draft is coming inside then your heater has to work harder to maintain the rooms temperature, therefore leading to higher energy bills. It may be worn or damaged so it is best to replace it. External wall insulation can help reduce energy bills.

Animal infestation

Animals like rats and mice appreciate the insulation in your house, it keeps them warm. If you have recently had a pet infestation in your home, or any local neighbours have then you should check your insulation for rips, tears or any other holes. If you see holes in your insulation or notice drafts coming from certain areas then maybe it’s time to get it replaced.

Water damage

In times of floods or heavy rainfall, water can seep through roofs or walls and into the insulation. If it doesn’t dry properly afterwards then it can begin to mould, if you’ve recently had heavy rainfall or a flood it is wise to check your insulation.

Signs of aging

If you have a fairly old home the insulation is likely to be of lower quality than most modern homes. If you put a glove on and feel the insulation in your attic and it begins to crumble then it’s time to get it replaced.

With the current weather temperatures being the coldest we’ve had for a while, it is best to check your insulation to keep as much heat in your home as possible. At Frank Key we recognise how important insulation is to your home so we believe you should do all you can to ensure you stay warm this winter.