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Ideal for use in light to medium duty domestic and commercial applications.Features:Contemporary styling.Cistern body in high density polystyrene.Overview..
Brand: Frank Key Part Code: S FC I
PVC internal flushpipe connector.Features:High QualityOverview..
Part Code: PB RDW
Brand: Frank Key Part Code: S TUR 318743
Turbo S1-11 toilet syphons are perfect for use as replacements in most high or low level well bottom and narrow cisterns.Key Features:High QualityOverview..
Part Code: PB PRV
Part Code: PB PRO023
Part Code: PB PPW99
Part Code: PB PRO018
Part Code: PB PPS98
White 18" x 18" x 1.5" extended flush pipe suitable for low-level and ducted installations. Allows water to go from the cistern to the pan when the cistern is flushed.Key Features:High QualityOverview..
Part Code: PB PK890
Brand: Frank Key Part Code: ACSL 85081
2-part design enables the siphon body to be removed from the cistern while leaving the white downleg in position. Can be serviced quickly, without having to disconnect the water supply and dismantle the cistern.Key Features:High QualityOverview..
Part Code: ACSL 198927
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