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Brand: Bee Swift Part Code: ACSL 011605X
Brand: Frank Key Part Code: PC FM A1P2
Needs no COSHH records, just correctly dispose of the complete mask when filters are saturated or a maximum of 28 days after opening packaging. Lightweight, medical-grade PVC. Protects against fine toxic dust and fibres and aqueous mists.Features:Fully Adjustable Elastic Harness94% Filter Efficiency..
Brand: Bee Swift Part Code: ACSL 6963
Part Code: PC FMTB
Part Code: T 4300200
Part Code: T 4310000
These masks are suitable for protection against organic vapours and gases and dust particles.The mask is reusable and has replacement filters, Class A1/P2, which you can purchase at an excellent value for money price.Key Features:High QualityOverview..
Part Code: PC BS032BDSM
Brand: Beeswift Part Code: PC BS032
PACK of 10 P2 Valved Respirator this dust mask respirator conforms to EN 149:2001Suitable for use as FFP2 (S) for protection against fine toxic dusts, fibres and aqueous mists.Features:High qualityOverview..
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