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Part Code: R RES 300
Timco Multi Fix Polyester Anchor Resin Mortar General Purpose 300ml Tube offers an effective anchoring system for fixing into concrete and masonry. The stress-free nature of this solution gives greater flexibility when anchoring closer to a substrate edge such as balustrade installation.Features:An economic resin ideal for day to day non-safety critical fixingFor areas that are well ventilated at the time of installationLow extrusion forceLess wastageFaster and easier to useOverview..
Part Code: R RES 300SF
Low odour resin used in safety-critical fixing. For enclosed, poorly ventilated, damp and wet environments. High-performance resin with consistent results. Offers exceptional tensile strength in a range of environments and conditions.Key Features:For enclosed, poorly ventilated, damp and wet environmentsHigh-performance resin with consistent resultsOffering exceptional tensile strength in a range of environments and conditionsOverview..
Brand: Everbuild Part Code: FBEPOX1054
EpoxySET 105 is a three-part general purpose repair mortar based on epoxy technology. Formulated to withstand chemicals, impact and abrasion and can be used to repair concrete, screeds, stone, brick and steel in even the most demanding domestic and industrial situations. Easy to mixExcellent chemical resistanceExcellent impact and wear resistanceCan be laid in thin sectionsGreater physical strength than conventional cementitious systemsIdeal for repairing floors, steps, kerbs and sillsIdeal for repairing cracks in masonry and concretePack includes finishing solvent and glovesOverview..
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