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Brand: Bulldog Part Code: T HR 02461
Large spaced teeth help to collect the hay in economical qualities.Features:72″ Long straight handleHead width 27″ (685mm)Handle length 72″ (1620mm)Overview..
Brand: Bulldog Part Code: T WR 9149N
One of the most under stated garden tools on the market. The rubber tines on this rake allow leaves and debris to be collected from any surface without causing disruption. It will collect leaves from grass or a gravel drive. Great for picking up leaves from a wet patio.Features:PlasticOverview..
Brand: Faithfull Part Code: T FAI FAIESSHRAKE
Faithfull Essentials Hand Drag Rake The Faithfull Essentials Hand Drag Rake is a compact 5 pronged hand rake for general raking in borders, flower beds and vegetable patches, especially in those tight places between plantings and under bushes.The strong, heat-treated (hardened) carbon steel tine..
Brand: Faithfull Part Code: T FAI FAIESSLRE
Faithfull Essentials Lawn Rake 16T The Faithfull Essentials Lawn Rake has 16 flexible, round metal tines, ideal for removing leaves and garden debris from lawns.Metal tined rakes are better suited for spring or autumn raking when the debris is often wet or rotted, as it can be better collected b..
Brand: Bulldog Part Code: T GR 7106
The Bulldog Evergreen Garden Rake is perfect for a large range of gardening tasks, including the preparation of soil for planting. It features epoxy coated head for maximum rust resistance.Features:Epoxy coated head54in PVC aluminium coated lightweight shaft and comfort feel grip.Overview..
Part Code: T LR 7128
The Bulldog Evergreen Leaf Rake is fitted with a lightweight, Aluminium handle with non-slip comfort feel grip. This fan-shaped lawn rake features 23 flexible plastic tines designed for clearing large lawns.Features:PlasticOverview..
Brand: Faithfull Part Code: T FAI FAIESSGRE
Faithfull Essentials Garden Rake The Faithfull Essentials Garden Rake has 12 strong metal tines, that make it ideal for loosening soil, levelling earth and gravel, collecting weeds and disregarded undergrowth, as well as moving larger pieces of debris from the borders.The head is manufactured fr..
Part Code: T HR ROUGH
Aluminium Landscape Rake (600mm/24in) - For raking bark, wood chippings, leaf mulch and lightweight gravel. With a wide head to cover large areas.Features:Fibreglass handleHandle length: 170cm / 67inRake width : 600mm / 24in.Overview..
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