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Brand: Faithfull Part Code: T SP
Polyurethane backed sponge float for finishing grainy surfaces such as sand and cement mix, or for applying certain plaster finishes.Features:High QualityOverview..
Brand: Faithfull Part Code: T MW
Heavy Duty Steel Construction Mixing Wheel with Aluminium Diecast Wheel with finely pitched spokes for smooth mixing.Features:High qualityOverview..
Brand: Faithfull Part Code: T H S 10FG
Brand: Faithfull Part Code: T HA M
Handrammer Metal Handle CompleteFeatures:Wooden handleWeight: 10 lbMetal shaftOverview..
Brand: Faithfull Part Code: T CS
Manufactured from hard Silicon Carbide abrasive rubbing bricks are used for heavy-duty applications such as rubbing floors cleaning and scouring castings rubbing down concrete and removing mould marks. Available in a plain or fluted version.Overview..
Brand: Faithfull Part Code: T TR C E 11
For applying a rounded finished edge to concrete and render. The carbon steel blade with one long curved edge is fitted with a full sized soft-grip handle for user comfort.Features:StrongOverview..
Brand: Faithfull Part Code: E SPG
Innovative tool for repointing walls and patio slabs. Excellent joint penetration. Handy for awkward places. Aluminium body with metal handle.Features:Aluminium Construction1Ltr CapacityMortar Scoop for Easy Filling of BarrelPlastic NozzlesOverview..
Brand: Faithfull Part Code: T S P
The narrow blade of the padsaw makes it ideal for working in awkward and restricted locations, including cutting out letterboxes, keyholes, switch boxes and cutting behind obstructions.Features:fine wooden handle.Overview..
Brand: Faithfull Part Code: T NB 24
Wide claw surface for improved control and a low profile claw for increased power.Features:High qualityOverview..
Brand: Faithfull Part Code: T FS B
Spare steel blade to suit floor scrapers.To suit FAIFSBlade size: 200mm (8 in)Overview..
Brand: Faithfull Part Code: B W 4RS
A quality scratch brush with bristles made from hardened and tempered steel. For use in preparatory work, when removing rust, scale, old paintwork and grouting. Wire brush incorporating a steel scraper, wooden handle with 4 rows of wire bristles ideal for removing rust from iron or metalwork.Feature..
Brand: Faithfull Part Code: MI SPRAY PU
Pressure sprayer suitable for a variety of gardening applications.Features:Corrosion-Proof Plastic TankLeverManual TriggerOverview..
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