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Brand: Faithfull Part Code: MI SPRAY PU
Pressure sprayer suitable for a variety of gardening applications.Features:Corrosion-Proof Plastic TankLeverManual TriggerOverview..
Brand: Faithfull Part Code: T EAS-S
Faithfull Lightweight Aviation Tinsnips manufactured to a high specification which includes a safety locking latch, strong opening spring and slip guards for protection on each handle.Features:Cut Type: StraightOverview..
Brand: Faithfull Part Code: HA BASS 12"
Smartlatch is a new innovative latch that combines both function and style.The latch is available in passage and privacy and has been specifically designed to enhance the aesthetics of a door latch.It can be used with Round Rose, Square Rose and Back plate lever furniture.Features:Easy to useNo spin..
Brand: Faithfull Part Code: T BL B
Faithfull For use with powdered chalk for marking between two points to give a straight line.Braided line resists fraying, and is also useful for a plumb line as it does not spin round as conventional twisted cord.Features:Less stretchStrong & DurableOverview..
Brand: Faithfull Part Code: EL CT 200
Black cable ties, suitable for securing or retaining cables, pipe bundles and objects of various shapes and sizes. The design of the head guarantees a high tensile strength while allowing a very low insertion force.Overview..
Brand: Faithfull Part Code: T CS
Manufactured from hard Silicon Carbide abrasive rubbing bricks are used for heavy-duty applications such as rubbing floors cleaning and scouring castings rubbing down concrete and removing mould marks. Available in a plain or fluted version.Overview..
Brand: Faithfull Part Code: HA COCO 12"
Coco broom - 305mm wood block with green stripes - soft - for dry dusty surfaces.Features:Suitable for light sweeping tasksSuitable for outdoor use onlyOverview..
Brand: Faithfull Part Code: T FAIPLSET3LN
Brand: Faithfull Part Code: T FPPSLTL30WR
Brand: Faithfull Part Code: T AVCPTHAWK13
Brand: Faithfull Part Code: T FAIPATKIT
Brand: Faithfull Part Code: T FPPCR25M
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