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Levelling Compounds & Cements

Brand: Everbuild Part Code: KE FBFLOR20
Everbuild Febflor is a concrete floor self levelling and smoothing compound, and as such this product is not designed as a final wearing course to receive traffic. Febflor must be covered with tiles, lino, carpet, or other such materials before the flooring can be used in such a way.This product can..
Brand: Everbuild Part Code: FBFLORPLUS
Everbuild 710 Febflor Flexiplus Latex Self Levelling Compound is a latex modified cement based powder which, when mixed with water, can be used to level out uneven floors and screeds. Typical surfaces include concrete and screeding, existing ceramic tiles, asphalt, wood, brick, stone etc. 710 Febflo..
Brand: Everbuild Part Code: FBSKLEVDEEP25
SIKALEVEL® DEEP FILL is cement-based smoothing and levelling compound used to level out uneven floors and screeds down to a depth of 50mm in one coat. SIKALEVEL® DEEP FILL is ideal for levelling very uneven floors prior to laying ceramic and thermoplastic tiles, lino, woodblock flooring or carpet.Fe..
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