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Large Rolls Geotextile

Brand: Frank Key Part Code: TP GEO 100
Fastrack Woven Geotextile 4.5 x 100mProvides an effective solution for separation and filtration for general building and domestic markets. It can be used for separating and strengthening under access roads and areas of hard standing, under stone foundations for new buildings and under new roads, car parks and industrial areas.Features:For use with Driveways, Paths & RoadsHigh QualityOverview..
Part Code: TP TNW 1000D
Nonwoven geotextile fabric is permeable, so allows water to pass through providing drainage, filtration and separation functions between aggregate and soil layers and therefore is widely used for wrapping land drains (perforated pipes) and soakaway crates in groundworks and drainage applications.Key Features:High Quality Overview..
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