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Hip Tiles

Part Code: ACSL 236195
Redland's Rosemary Clay Arris Hip Tiles are part of one of the most distinctive and characteristic profiles used on pitched roofs for over 175 years. Today, a range of single and cross-camber tiles combine the quality of hand-crafted clay with the reliability of modern machine-made techniques. Produced from the finest clays, Rosemary is offered in a range of weathered, brindled and single colours that create striking and attractive roofs. Key Features & Benefits: Rosemary Clay Classic Arris Hip Roof TileHigh Quality, made from the finest clay Rosemary tiles make for a visually striking and appealing roof option Designed for 35 to 90 degrees pitches - subject to fixing specificationPlease note: Redland's Arris Hip Tiles are only available in clay.Overview..
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