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General Fixings

Part Code: R BF LB610
M6 x 10 Anchor Loose Bolt is used for permanent fixing into concrete, brick and blockwork.Features:Zinc and yellow passivatedFor use in concrete, brick and blockFour-way expansion shield and retaining spring offering strong and secure anchorageOverview..
Brand: Spax Part Code: SC SP 4X50
50 x 4.0mm Spax Countersunk Pozi Screws Box of 200 is a fully threaded single thread woodscrew with ground serrations for fast, accurate driving. Multihead countersinks and firm grip. No splitting and no pilot hole needed.Features:Multi-Head Countersinks Screw Head FlushHardened SteelHard Synthetic ..
Part Code: SC C2 100X5.0
100 x 5.00mm C2 Woodscrew PZ2 Tub of 300 are top quality, waxed single thread, multipurpose screw. Popular with the professional. Features a lower screw-in torque and faster drive speed. Suitable for screwdrivers, combi drills and impact drivers.Features:Double-Countersunk HeadCarbon SteelWax-Coated..
Part Code: SC S 1X6
High performance 6.0mm x 25mm countersunk pozi screw for fixing insulation to joists, roof decking, roofing boards and roofing batten.Features:Heavy-duty timber and deck Joist Screw replaces traditional coach screws or coach bolts.Pozi, Reinforced Double Countersunk Head – Reduces head breakage and ..
Part Code: N T 30 500
These nails are ideal for use where very strong joints are required.Features:500g of nails per packOverview..
Brand: Spax Part Code: SC SP WIR 6.0X140
140 x 6.00mm Spax Wirox Washerhead Screws Box of 20 are corrosion protected construction screws suitable for battens and squared timbers. Secure connection with high load-bearing capacity. 4CUT point ensures exact screw positioning, reduces splitting and reduces screwing-in torque required. T-STAR p..
Part Code: R S 140 12
Precision cut from high performance galvanised steel. Flat wire staples have a larger holding area against the material making them ideal for building applications such as damp-proof, carpet underlay, thin plastic or insulationOverview..
Part Code: N A 65
Bright 65mm Annular Ring nails are in general used for roofing and pallet construction. They feature a threaded shank for improved withdrawal resistance.Features:Zinc PlatedOverview..
Part Code: I C 3486902
Steel construction with a zinc-plated finish. Suitable for fixing a chain or rope to a wall or post.Features:Easy to UseOverview..
Part Code: SC 8150INH
In-Dex screws are designed specifically for fixing into timber, decking, stairs, fencing and all general landscapingFeatures:Sharp point for easier penetration into all wood types1000 hours (min) salt spray resistanceHigh pull-out resistanceOverview..
Part Code: N G 65 500
The popular large-headed general purpose nail.Features:Extra-large head making them ideal for their applicationThe larger head on the ELH clout nail stops any pull through on the material being fixedAvailable in many different dimensionsOverview..
Part Code: BO E 8X5/16
Unwelded Eye Bolt with Nut, Stainless Steel.Features:High QualityOverview..
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