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Brand: Faithfull Part Code: B W 4RS
A quality scratch brush with bristles made from hardened and tempered steel. For use in preparatory work, when removing rust, scale, old paintwork and grouting. Wire brush incorporating a steel scraper, wooden handle with 4 rows of wire bristles ideal for removing rust from iron or metalwork.Feature..
Brand: Faithfull Part Code: T EAS-S
Faithfull Lightweight Aviation Tinsnips manufactured to a high specification which includes a safety locking latch, strong opening spring and slip guards for protection on each handle.Features:Cut Type: StraightOverview..
Part Code: PB SW
This large 1lb roll of steel wool (also known as wire wool or wire sponge) comprises very fine and flexible sharp-edged steel filaments. It has multiple uses in plumbing applications, including cleaning of copper pipe and fittings prior to soldering, removal of paint, varnish and rust etc.Features:H..
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