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Door Accessories

Part Code: I DP007150
Dale Double Handed Rim Sash Lock Grey is designed to be installed on the face of an internal door. The latch keeps the door closed with the bolt being operated by one turn of the key for a secure lock. It is designed to be used with door knobs on each side and comes with 2 keys.Key features:High Qua..
Part Code: I FB140
These signs clearly identify that this door is a fire door and must be kept shut except in case of an emergency. Usually placed on the door at eye height or near the door handle. Key Features:High QualityOverview..
Part Code: I DH005710
Satin anodised aluminium letter plate. Fitted to the exterior of a front door, usually with matching front door fittings.Features:High QualityOverview..
Part Code: I PBX2000-PRV
PLUS' Privacy Door Pack -accompanied with Dual finish handles, 3" 2BB and the latch - PBX2000-PRV a polished chrome finished handle and stainless steel hinges. The door pack is primarily designed for internal use.Features:Dual finish handles3" 2BB hingesLatchPrivacy push-button (turn handle to relea..
Part Code: I DP007220
Aluminium Adjustable Roller Catch (Pre-Packed) - DP007220 ensures the doors can be easily open and closed. Ideal for a pull and push door.Key Features:High QualityOverview..
Part Code: I CSP8635
PCP Victorian Flat Internal Door Pack is ideal for internal use primarily designed for bathrooms. A robust traditional styled design.Features:Designed for use in bathroomsPolished chrome finishOverview..
Part Code: I DH005770
Ideal for use in homes, classrooms, offices and anywhere else a hook could be required.Key Features:High QualityOverview..
Part Code: I FB089
A stylish ABS framed telescopic letterbox, with metal flaps and fitted with a high-performance intumescent liner. In the event of fire, the intumescent liner expands rapidly and seals off the letterbox opening, preventing the spread of fire and smoke whilst maintaining the integrity of the fire door..
Part Code: I A V-WS6-EB
Yale WS6 TS003 rated Security Door Chain for safe caller identification. Helps to hold the door in the slightly open position for safe caller identification before fully releasing the door.Key Features:High QualityOverview..
Part Code: I Y P1037B
This brass effect door chain offers you added security and gives you real peace of mind. It allows you to securely open your door while still having the protection of a chain lock to prevent the door opening fully.Overview..
Part Code: I DP005984
Sandal contract aluminium passage lever set on a back plate complete with latch strike plate spindle hinges and fixing screws.Key features:High QualityOverview..
Part Code: I DH007489
Dale Hardware concealed chain door closerAvailable in Nickel Plated.Overview..
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