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Concrete Gravel Boards

Our selection of concrete gravel boards are used to enhance the life span of your fencing by raising the fence up and away from the ground. This is where moisture can build up, and ultimately lead to your fence rotting. Investing in gravel boards for your fence will save you money in the long run, as you won't have to replace your fence as soon.

Concrete gravel boards are available for click and collect as well as local delivery around the Nottingham area, as well as Sheffield, Loughborough, Chesterfield and Grantham.

Part Code: F GB R
Concrete Gravel Board Rock Face. Concrete rock faced gravel boards prevent rot at the bottom of wooden fence panels, adding considerably to the life of the fence. It's decorative pattern offers a less conventional finish to your fencing project. This concrete gravel board slots neatly into concrete slotted posts to raise the fence panel off the ground.Overview..
Brand: Supreme Part Code: KE F GB P
Concrete Gravel Board Plain 1830x305x40mmThis smooth gravel board from Supreme Concrete is easy to install and protects fence panels from rotting early. This concrete board slots neatly into concrete slotted posts to raise the wooden fence panel off of the ground.Benefits:Pressure treated concreteSuitable for timber fencing to prevent rottingProtects the wooden board against water ingress and vermin deterrentProtects fence panels or feather edge boards from ground level dirtLow maintenance due to being made from concreteAdds extra durability to any fenceOverview..
Part Code: F GB P6
Concrete gravel boards are a long term cost effect method of improving the longevity of your fence panels. Easy to install, concrete gravel boards raise your fence panels off the ground, helping to reduce the risk of moisture damage such as rot and decay that would otherwise be caused by damp or wet ground.Overview..
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