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Cleaning Fluids

Brand: Frank Key Part Code: CLE W
This multipurpose highly effective hand dishwashing detergent can be used for washing up crockery, utensils and general cleaning.Features:Carrying handle for easy transportingScrew top resealable lidOverview..
Brand: Frank Key Part Code: CLE D
A powerful disinfectant with a pleasant smell, suitable for cleaning floors, drains, sinks and toilets.Conforms to BS 6424 Group QAP 30Bottle with a carrying handle and screw lidOverview..
Brand: Frank Key Part Code: CLE B
This bleach is capable of sterilising, disinfecting and deodorising drains, waste pipes, lavatories and more. Features:Suitable for bleaching fabricsStable under normal conditionsSoluble in all proportions of waterVapour pressure: 17.5mm at 20°CReadily absorbs in soilChlorine odourOverview..
Part Code: SE W D1
DAMBUSTER is recognised as the leading internal and external drain unblocker, drain cleaner, drain opener or drain clearer on the market. Given its unique formulation, it requires significantly less dosage, thereby cost saving in its use and there is no need to rod the drain.Overview..
Brand: Everbuild Part Code: ACSL 296562
PVCu Cream Cleaner is a solvent-free formulation designed to remove ingrained dirt, stains and pollution from PVCu window frames without scratching. Buffs to a deep sheen.Key Features:High QualityOverview..
Brand: Everbuild Part Code: ACSL 130451
This new non-smearing formulation is suitable for cleaning all glass and tile to a sparkling shine. Everbuild Glass Cleaner is a fast-acting, non-smear formulation suitable for cleaning all glass to a sparkling shine.Key Features:High QualityFast dryingNon-smear formula.Overview..
Part Code: PB UB1870
Robimatic offer a range of plumbing sundries including washers and replacement tap parts.Key Features:High QualityHeavy-Duty Drain Opener is the economical treatment for bathroom and kitchen drain clogs.We recommend that Heavy Duty Drain Opener be allowed to stay in the drain overnight.The longer it..
Part Code: PB UB1969
Brand: Geocel Part Code: PN 3280594/M07
Geocel Glass Cleaner is a non-smearing fast glass cleaner that brings a shine to any glass surface including mirrors.Key Features:High QualityNon-smearingBrings a shine to any glass surfaceOverview..
Part Code: PB UB20
One-Shot Drain Cleaner - Instantly unblocks drains in just one shot! Tried, tested and trusted, the One-Shot brand of drain cleaner has been used by generations of people to save money and keep their drains flowing.Key Features:High QualityOverview..
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