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Cement & Tarmac

Cement & Tarmac

We stock an extensive range of Cement & Tarmac that include items such as; Quinn master grade cement, Cemex Rugby White Cement as well as Hanson Fast Set Postfix all stocked at competitive prices. We only use the highest quality items from reputable suppliers and we strive to ensure that you are always satisfied with your order.

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We offer lots of cement and tarmac products such as multi-purpose concrete, hydrated Lime, sand-cement mortar, multi-purpose ready mixed mortar, general-purpose cement, fast set postfix, standard postfix, repair macadam. All the essential powder materials that are needed for any construction project can be supplied through Frank Key.

Quinn Master Grade Cement - 25kg
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Brand: Quinn Part Code: KE CE Q 25 M
Quinn Master Grade Cement 25kg Plastic BagBenefits:Master Grade Cement is the best choice for mortars and plastering, thanks to its unique properties, but can also be used in a variety of general building applications, such as concrete and screeds.Overview..
Brand: Cemex Part Code: CE R P
Formulated for use in concrete, mortar, render and screed, Rugby Premium cement is a versatile portland-limestone cement. It includes additives which produce a lighter colour. Its formula reduces admixture requirements in mortar.Features:100% waterproof bags - keeps cement dry when stored outsideLight colour, ideal for use in all applications where colour is importantFor use in concrete, mortar, render and screedReduced admixture requirements in mortarImproved workability, cohesion, finishing and resistance of hardened mortar or concrete to freeze-thaw attackConsistent, convenient and cost-effectiveChromium (VI) compliant Intended to reduce the risk of allergic contact dermatitisOverview..
Brand: Hanson Part Code: KE CE H PF FS
Bagged AggregateHanson Fast Set Postfix MaxipackBenefits:Fast set post fixUses low CO2 cement1 bag 1 postApplication:Used for setting post for fencingOverview..
Brand: Cemex Part Code: CE R HS
Rugby High Strength Cement is suitable for general purpose applications but is particularly effective where higher strength is required. It counteracts the effects of cold weather and is an ideal solution for thin concrete applications.BenefitsSuitable for applications where high strength is requiredConforms to class 52.5N ensuring high strengthChromium (VI) compliant Intended to reduce the risk of allergic contact dermatitisCounteracts effects of cold weather due to its increased heat developmentOverview..
Part Code: KE CE RM C
Whether you are building an extension, garage or barbeque, or simply repairing existing Brick or Block work Rugby General Purpose Mortar offers the time saving solution with exceptional quality, convenience and reliability.Key Features:Easy to useOverview..
Brand: Cemex Part Code: CE R FS
Rugby Fast Set Cement is a specialist product suitable for maintenance and repair in building work, especially where fast-setting and hardening properties are required, e.g. mortar, concrete, rendering and floor screed repairs.BenefitsSets hard within 1 hour - for use in applications where time is of the essenceIdeal for concrete drives, steps, paths and kerbsAlso suitable for fixing posts, railings and copingsChromium (VI) compliant Intended to reduce the risk of allergic contact dermatitisOverview..
Part Code: KE CE H PF S
Hanson Postfix is formulated to produce good quality concrete for setting all types of posts.Key Features:Easy to use – just add water.Saves time – quick and convenient.Economic – less waste than some other methods.Overview..
Brand: Hanson Part Code: KE CE MC
Hanson Multipurpose Concrete complies with BS5838:Part 1:1980 and is specifically formulated to produce good quality concrete quickly, easily, and reliably. It requires only the addition of water during mixing.Benefits:Minimal mixingDesigned to be easy and convenient to useApplications:Steps and pathsWall foundationsGeneral purpose concrete projectsOverview..
Brand: Cemex Part Code: CE R W
Rugby White Cement is suitable for architectural and decorative applications, providing a vibrant finish and excellent basis for the addition of pigments, which produces coloured concretes and mortars.BenefitsFor architectural and decorative applicationsIdeal for very light coloured concrete and mortarEnhances colour when used with pigmentsReduced pigment costs due to its colour-enhancing propertiesMore vivid colours can be achieved compared to using grey cementsRapid strength gain, ideal for use where early stripping times are requiredChromium (VI) compliant. Intended to reduce the risk of allergic contact dermatitisOverview..
Brand: Hanson Part Code: KE CE RM
Sand Cement Mortar Poly BagApplication:Ideal for patching, rendering, brick laying, pointing and general repairsOverview..
Brand: Hanson Part Code: KE TM 25 B
The ideal solution for patching driveways and paths.Key Features:Easy to lay for temporary repairsProduct supplied in polythene packagingSuitable for outside storageOverview..
Part Code: LI 25
Rugby® Hydrated Lime is a non-hydraulic hydrated lime which complies with the high calcium classification of BS EN 459-1 CL 90-S.It is used extensively in agricultural/horticultural applications and building construction.Rugby® Hydrated Lime is manufactured by calcining a high calcium limestone in carefully controlled conditions.The quicklime produced is then crushed and hydrated to produce a fine powder with a loose bulk density of 600 kg/m3 (typical neutralising value 74% CaO).Overview..
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