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Car Cleaning

Brand: Frank Key Part Code: MI SWRM
Simply pour directly into your car's windscreen washer bottle for a smear-free, crystal clear windscreen. The improved formula quickly cleans and removes bugs, dirt and grime and also helps smooth the wiper blade action.Features:High qualityOverview..
Part Code: SC WAS 0.5
Decosol Excel Screenwash keeps vehicle windscreens in top tip spotless condition. Just use less fluid and more water to get a good ratio mixture, making anything up to 25 litres per bottle. This is especially desired in colder climates where a thin layer of ice or frost accumulates on the windscreen..
Karcher Wheel Washing Brush K2-K7
Part Code: YWW022
Karcher Wheel washer.Key Features:High QualitySutible for use on all types of motor vehicleOverview..
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