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Builders Metalwork

Brand: Expamet Part Code: RO HS 450
A superior alternative to timber strutting, Herringbone Struts offer a cost-effective method of providing necessary lateral support to floor joists as required by the Building Regulations.Fix to the top and underside of joists using the pre-punched holes.Overview..
Brand: Expamet Part Code: RO HI
The Expamet Scrolled Hip Iron is available in grey colour, manufactured from galvanised mild steel material which makes it strong and durable. The product measures with 300 x 25 x 3mm (L x W x T) which is designed to provide a decorative restraint when bedding hip tiles. The decorative bracket helps..
Brand: Expamet Part Code: WT FB 20
An easy-to-fit galvanised steel coil strip designed for all types of lightweight fixing applicationsFeatures:Versatile coil strip for lightweight fixing applicationsSuitable for timber and fencing repairs, clamping, bracing and restraining, pipe fixing, general support and ductwork etc.Manufactured ..
Brand: Expamet Part Code: RO TC 50
Galvanised connector used for fixing trussed rafters to wallplates. Can also be used for general applications wherever two timber members cross.Overview..
Brand: Frank Key Part Code: RO TC
Double-sided tooth plate connectors for improving bolt performance in timber. Mainly used in conjunction with carriage bolts where a strong timber to timber connection is required.Conform to BS EN 912:2000 and are made from pre-galvanised mild steel.Teeth bite into timber offering a non-movement fas..
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