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Builders Cleaners

Brand: Everbuild Part Code: MO 5
Everbuild 206 Trade Strength Strike Release Oil is a highly effective release agent to enable concrete shuttering to be removed easily, leaving the edge of the concrete structure clean and well formed. Suitable for most types of form work including potable water structures, not affected by rain afte..
Brand: Frank Key Part Code: PN T 750
A clear solvent extracted from the gum of pine trees.Genuine Turps is an ideal medium for mixing artists’ paints and as a thinner for linseed oil/beeswax polishes or recipes.Also known as 100% Gum Turps.Imparts a pleasant pine fresh odour.Safety Datasheet: Genuine TurpentineOverview..
Brand: Everbuild Part Code: PN T 2
Everbuild Turps Substitute is a solvent designed for cleaning of paint brushes and rollers to prolong their life and as a general household cleaner/degreasing. Suitable for cleaning off a variety of paints, varnishes and grease.Features:A solvent designed for cleaning paint brushes and rollers to pr..
Brand: Everbuild Part Code: FBCONTHIN025
Everbuild Stick 2 Adhesive Thinner and Cleaner is a highly aggressive solvent, specially blended for both thinning all purpose contact adhesive and for cleaning up excess adhesive after application. Working on either wet or dry adhesive Stick 2 Adhesive Thinner and Cleaner can also be used for dilut..
Brand: Swarfega Part Code: CLE S 1
Swarfega Original Classic Hand Cleaner is a rapidly acting, classic, smooth green gel formula which removes ingrained oil, grease and general grime. With added conditioner which helps maintain the skin's natural moisture level to leave the skin feeling smooth after use.Features:Easy to apply and qui..
Brand: Feb Part Code: FBBRICKCL5
Feb Brickclean External Brick Cleaner is a fast acting acid-based cleaner and degreasing solution which dissolves mortar and cement stains, ingrained dirt and most paints on mineral surfaces such as brick, concrete, paving slabs, earthenware and some stone. This 5L bottle covers up to 10m² per litr..
Part Code: SE W OB
Oilbuster Yellow quickly removes oil stains from block paving and concrete and simply requires washing away. Overview..
Part Code: SE W OB T
Quickly removes oil staining from tarmac, drives and car park areas and simply requires washing away.Overview..
Part Code: G ALG
Helps restore the natural colour of virtually any outdoor surface the organic way.No scrubbing or rinsing required.Simply apply and walk away.Overview..
Part Code: T BWB4
Brand: DART Part Code: T HAND GEL5L
Sanitising hand gel containing agents with high antiseptic action. Certified to EN1276 & 1500, this product kills 99.9% of Bacteria due to its high 70% Alcohol by Volume content. Ready to use, it is recommended for use in any situation in which a sanitising action is required, or in any situation wh..
Part Code: PN 6001559/M05
An all-purpose cleaning spray that works in seconds, it will remove uncured sealants & adhesives, grease, oil, tar, chewing gum, stickers and adhesive residue and much more.Key Features:High QualitySuitable for use on most building materialsVery effective & fast actingNon-aggressiveOverview..
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