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Our range of Aircrete blocks is great for a range of uses such as walls, foundations, and partitions. These blocks have very high moisture resistance and have brilliant insulation properties.

Aircrete Block 100mm x 440mm x 215mm 3.6N
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Brand: Thermalite Part Code: KE BLO TC 4
Blocks for External Walls, Foundations, Partitions and Separating WallsAircrete Blocks 100mm 3.6NBenefits:High thermal performance80 per cent recycled contentExtremely high moisture resistanceOverview..
Brand: Thermalite Part Code: KE BLO TT 12 3.6
The tongue and groove design of the Aircrete Trench Blocks makes them quick and easy to fit.Thermalite Aircrete Tongue & Groove Trenchblocks can be used in place of a cavity wall with a heavy concrete brick or block infill.These blocks are ideal for concealed use rather than in facing projects due t..
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