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Admixtures & Accelerators

Brand: Everbuild Part Code: FBFLORLATLQ
Everbuild 709 Febflor Latex Plus Liquid Additive is a premium rubber based latex additive for use with self level floor compound and powder tile adhesives to both strengthen the mix and provide a limited degree of movement capability in the sub floor. Everbuild 709 Febflor Latex Plus is ideal for us..
Brand: Weber Part Code: CE WEB ACC
Weber accelerator monocouche may be used to reduce the time of scrape for through-coloured monocouche renders, but must always be used at temperatures over 5°C for monocouche work in the winter.Overview..
Part Code: PN 5028250
Seals and stabilises chalky surfaces using high quality stabilisier.Key Features:Easy to applyUse prior to paintingSeals and stabilises chalking and weathered surfacesOverview..
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