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Post Fix

Brand: Hanson
Bagged AggregateHanson Fast Set Postfix Maxipack (sometimes referred to as Postcrete)Benefits:Fast set post fixUses low CO2 cement1 bag 1 postApplication:Used for setting post for fencingOverview..

What is Postfix?

Postfix is a ready-made concrete mix that is designed for the quick and secure installation of various outdoor structures. This fast set postfix features a combination of cement and ballast, which mixes with water to create a high quality concrete that sets in a matter of minutes; essential for speeding up your job.

Postfix is designed to be used on a wide range of applications including:
  • Fence posts
  • Gate posts
  • Pergolas
  • Garden lighting
  • Garden furniture
  • How to use Postfix

    One of the great benefits of Postfix is that its really quick and easy to use. Here is our quick step by step guide on how to successfully use Postfix. Do not mix Postfix by hand or machine.

    Step 1. Dig a hole to the correct depth and width in relation to the size of your post.

    Step 2. Fill the hole approximately 1/3 of depth with water and place the post in the hole.

    Step 3. Pour in the Postfix, ensuring an even spread with no standing water.

    Step 4. Position and level the post as required. This must be done quickly, as the Postfix will begin to set within approximately 10 seconds.
    Fast Setting
    Features a fast setting formula perfect for jobs where speed is essential.
    Low Co2
    Uses low Co2 cement to ensure this product is more environmentally friendly.
    Aggregate Mix
    Features an aggregate mix to ensure strong initial support for the post.

    Storage Info

  • Fast set Postfix is supplied in polythene packaging
  • Suitable for outdoor storage (Must be dry)

    Please note that although these bags are suitable for outside storage, they must also be stored in a dry location such as a shed, garage or outhouse. These areas should also avoid damp or a moist environment.